What Is A Water Cracker?

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In the diverse universe of crackers, water crackers stand out as a distinct and versatile variety. These delicate, thin, and crisp treats have been gracing cheese platters, appetizer spreads, and snack tables for generations. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what water crackers are, their characteristics, and their culinary uses.

What Is A Water Cracker?

Water crackers are a type of unleavened cracker made from simple ingredients, including flour, water, and sometimes salt. They are known for their minimalist composition, which results in a crisp and neutral flavor that pairs well with a wide range of toppings, dips, and cheeses. These crackers have earned their name due to the use of water as the primary liquid in their dough, in contrast to other types of crackers that may use fats, like butter or oil.

Characteristics Of Water Crackers

Water crackers are recognized for several key characteristics:

  1. Thin and Crisp Texture: Water crackers are extremely thin, creating a crispy, snap-like texture when bitten. This delicate crunch is one of their defining features.
  2. Mild Flavor: The neutral flavor of water crackers is intentionally understated, allowing them to complement and enhance the flavors of other ingredients they are paired with.
  3. Simple Ingredients: As mentioned, water crackers are made with minimal ingredients, which contributes to their clean and unadulterated taste.
  4. Round or Square Shape: Water crackers are typically shaped as small, round discs, although square versions are also available. The compact size is ideal for bite-sized servings.
  5. Lightly Salted (Optional): While traditional water crackers have no added flavors, some variations include a light dusting of salt for those who prefer a hint of saltiness.

Culinary Uses

Water crackers are prized for their versatility and ability to enhance a wide range of foods. Here are some popular culinary uses:

  1. Cheese and Charcuterie Boards: Water crackers are often served with various cheeses, cured meats, and accompaniments like grapes, figs, and olives. Their neutral flavor and crisp texture provide a perfect canvas for these items.
  2. Dips and Spreads: Water crackers are excellent for dipping into hummus, tzatziki, guacamole, or other savory spreads. They add a satisfying crunch to each bite.
  3. Canapés and Appetizers: They make a superb base for canapés and appetizers. Topped with spreads, smoked salmon, or various hors d’oeuvres, they create elegant and flavorful bites.
  4. Soups and Salads: Crushed water crackers can be used as a garnish for soups or as a crispy addition to salads.
  5. Sweet Pairings: While they are often associated with savory foods, water crackers can also be enjoyed with sweet toppings like jams, honey, or chocolate spreads.

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Popular Brands And Varieties

Several well-known brands produce water crackers, each with its own unique qualities. Some of the popular brands include Carr’s, La Panzanella, and Mary’s Gone Crackers. Varieties may include options like whole wheat, black pepper, or rosemary-infused water crackers, offering additional flavor dimensions while retaining the classic crisp texture.


Water crackers are a simple yet essential component of the culinary world, loved for their understated nature and compatibility with a wide range of flavors and ingredients. Whether they serve as a delicate accompaniment to cheese or a crispy foundation for appetizers, these crackers have earned their place as a versatile and dependable staple in the world of snacks and hors d’oeuvres. So, the next time you assemble a cheese platter or prepare a savory spread, consider the humble water cracker as your trusty, crisp companion.


Why Are They Called Water Cracker?

In 1801, Josiah Bent began a baking operation in Milton, Massachusetts, selling “water crackers” or biscuits made of flour and water that would not deteriorate during long sea voyages from the port of Boston. His company later sold the original hardtack crackers used by troops during the American Civil War.

Are Water Crackers The Same As Saltines?

They are commercially made from water, white wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil. They have same taste as North American saltine crackers, but without the salt. Their mild, bland flavour makes them popular for serving with cheese, as they don’t interfere with the taste of the cheese.

What Is The Difference Between Cream Crackers And Water Crackers?

Answer: Its the method of how they add the oil to the mixture, by creaming it with the flour and water mixture. ‘Cream’ refers to the process rather than an ingredient. The water biscuit is made just with water and was designed because cream crackers couldn’t stand the journey on ships.

Are Water Crackers The Same As Matzo?

These biscuits, which can reasonably be regarded as crackers, represent the simplest recipes in terms of enrichment. Matzos are made from flour and water only and water biscuits have only a little fat added.

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