How To Use Spreader Bars?

How To Use Spreader Bars? Spreader bars are a tool commonly used in bondage and BDSM play. They are designed to keep the arms or legs spread apart, providing easier access to the body for stimulation or other activities. In this blog, we will discuss how to use spreader bars safely and effectively.

How To Use Spreader Bars?

Step 1: Choose the right size and material

Spreader bars come in various sizes and materials. It is important to choose the right size that will fit comfortably and securely. The material should also be considered, as some materials may cause irritation or discomfort to the skin. Make sure to choose a high-quality spreader bar that is made of durable materials.

Step 2: Prepare for use

Before using the spreader bar, make sure to discuss safety protocols with your partner(s) and establish a safe word or gesture to use in case either of you needs to stop the activity. Ensure that the surrounding area is clear of any objects that may cause injury or get in the way.

Step 3: Position the spreader bar

Position the spreader bar between the limbs you wish to spread apart, whether it be the arms or legs. Make sure that the bar is positioned securely and does not slide or move during use. The bar should be positioned comfortably and should not cause any unnecessary strain or discomfort.

Step 4: Secure the spreader bar

Once the spreader bar is positioned properly, secure it in place using the provided cuffs or other restraints. The cuffs should be snug but not too tight, allowing for circulation and comfort.

Step 5: Use safely and respectfully

When using the spreader bar, ensure that it is used safely and respectfully. Check in with your partner(s) regularly to make sure they are comfortable and not experiencing any discomfort or pain. Avoid using excessive force or pressure that may cause injury.

Step 6: Remove the spreader bar

When the activity is complete, remove the spreader bar and any associated restraints carefully. Be gentle and respectful during the process, as the skin may be sensitive.

Step 7: Clean and store properly

Clean the spreader bar thoroughly after use, using warm soapy water and a gentle cleaner. Ensure that it is dry and stored in a secure location away from any moisture or damage.

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What Is The Best Use Of Spreader Bar?

Spreader bars are one of the most commonly used below the hook lifting devices to help assist crane operators in lifting heavy loads and objects. It is often used to lift loads that are too difficult to move using a single point of attachment.

What Is A Spreader Bar Used For In Fishing?

A spreader bar is one lure with a multiple baits, rigged onto a metal bar to help spread the baits into a desired pattern. There should only be one hook on your spreader bar, which can consist of dozens of baits.

What Speed Should A Spreader Bar Be?

Generally, a 6.5-knot trolling speed is ideal for pulling spreader bars, but if seas are glassy flat, you may want to bump it up to 7.5 or 8 knots.

What Is A Spreader Bar Camping?

Our range of spreader bars from SupaPeg are made from the best quality materials and are designed to create a ridge line or apex to aid in keeping your tarp taut – reducing flapping and increasing water shedding capability.


In conclusion, using spreader bars can be an exciting and fun addition to your BDSM or bondage play. By following these simple steps, you can use spreader bars safely and effectively, ensuring that you and your partner(s) enjoy the experience without experiencing any unnecessary discomfort or injury. Remember to always prioritize safety and communication during BDSM play, and to choose high-quality equipment that is designed for safe use.


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