What Is The Cost Of Living In Washington State? 

If you are looking to move to Washington, you must know about the cost of living in Washington state. To create an accurate budget to ensure that your move is headache-free. Washington is the 18th largest state located in the United States. It is the best-known state to live in because of the low crime rate, the best weather, although rainy, is mostly temperate throughout the year. Here is everything you need to know about the cost of living in Washington State.  

What Is The Cost Of Living In Washington State? 

The cost of living in Washington State offers enough variety to draw in new residents from across the world. To understand the average cost of living in Washington state more clearly, take a closer look at the table given below. In which the monthly cost of living in Washington state is given based on the US average of 100. An amount more than 100 means Washington state is more expensive than the national average. 

Cost Of Living ForWashington StateUSA
Median Home Cost$504,200 $291,700

Note:  The above-given living cost in the state of Washington is based on the year 2019.

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Home Rent 

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Washington state? It depends on the cost of the house because house rent is one of the big expenses in the budget. Here is the breakdown of the average rental price of houses for one and two-bedroom houses in the different cities in Washington. 

CityApprox 1 Bedroom RentApprox 2 Bedroom Rent
Vancouver $1381$1631 
Tacoma $1218$1598
Spokane $950$1306

Food Cost 

All love good foods, but for that, you need to pay more. So, if you plan to take up residence in Washington state, you won’t be immune to the local cuisine and premier restaurants that line the state. When you see the cost of living in Texas vs Washington state, you find Washington more expensive than Texas because of high food costs. Here is the approximate cost of dinner for 2 people in various cities in Washington. 

CityApprox Dinner For 2
Vancouver $60
Tacoma $67.50
Spokane $70

Travel Cost 

Washington state follows the traditional pattern of public transportation offering, therefore, it is difficult to assess state-level public transportation. So, most people rely on personal vehicles for transportation, while those who live in the heart of the metropolitan area have greater access to public transportation options. 

Other Expenses 

Moving to a new city or state can be challenging to budget for, as many costs are difficult to assess. Here are the other expenses. 

Health Care

 The cheapest cost of living in Washington state is $1364 in Spokane city of  Washington and it is possible to lower the cost of health care. As you have seen in the above-given table, the average cost of health is 83.8. 

Utility Bills

Water, electricity, and gas are the services that make up the basic utilities. Therefore, it is important to estimate your utilities when building a budget. A single resident of Washington state pays an average of $240 monthly for basic utilities.  

Internet Bills

If you want to make your work easy and simple you need to use the Internet and for that, you need to pay for it. Fortunately, in Washington state, the cost of the internet is lower than in the other states in the United States. The cost of Xfinity of 15 to 2000 Mbps is $29.99 per month.  


Yeah, Washington is not known for its fitness but it offers many opportunities for anyone seeking to work up a sweat or have some fun.  If you want to increase your savings, don’t worry! There are tons of free and low-cost fitness options in Washington. 


On entertainment the average expenditure is $1811 for a single person annually, while a family of four spends $4127 annually. For entertainment, you should visit a famous museum in Washington state.  


As far as the tax rate is concerned, in the state of Washington the current state slate tax rate, is 6.5%. Also, city and county sales tax rates combine with this rate, which effectively raises it.  


How Much Does It Cost To Live In Washington State Per Month?

Summary about cost of living in Seattle, WA, United States: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,426$ without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,238$ without rent. Seattle is 11.73% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Living In Washington Affordable?

Yes, living in Washington is affordable, but it depends on what area you are in. Cities like Olympia, Richmond, Bothell, and Auburn all qualify as affordable areas in Washington.

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What’s The Best City To Live In In Washington State?

Money magazine voted Mercer Island as the best place to live in Washington State, and we’re sure its residents agree. It is highly touted as being safe, clean, and peaceful by those who call it home, and its schools are well-rated.

Which States Have A $15 Minimum Wage?

Where are $15 minimum wages? Besides California and New York, nine states are headed to a $15 pay base over the next four years – Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Is 40k A Year Good In Washington State?

Here’s why. New numbers show that Seattle’s middle class is slipping, and it’s not because people are making less money. It’s because their money doesn’t go as far in rent, taxes and the cost of living.

Are Groceries Taxed In Washington State?

Washington law exempts most grocery type food from retail sales tax. However, the law does not exempt “prepared food,” “soft drinks,” or “dietary supplements.” Businesses that sell these “foods” must collect sales tax. In addition, all alcoholic items are subject to retail sales tax.

Why Is WA State So Expensive?

Multiple factors are contributing to runaway prices and rents in Washington: Production of new homes not keeping up with demand. Low mortgage interest rates. 2017 tax reforms that reduced the value of homes in expensive markets.

Is It Cheaper To Live In California Or Washington?

Washington state fares better than California according to data released in October 2023. CA has an unemployment rate of 9.3%, whereas it is 6.0% in Washington. WA’s per capita GDP is 79,570$, which is higher than California’s 79,315$. The cost of living is cheaper too.

What Is Washington’s Most Popular City?

Seattle. As the largest city in the state and one of the most popular cities in Washington, Seattle is full of worthwhile things to do. Visits to Pike Place Market, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Space Needle are among some of the best, but it doesn’t end there.

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Now you know what is the cost of living in Washington State in detail. From this, you can say that the state of Washington is somewhat expensive to live in. If the evergreen state is calling you to live and your budget is signaling green for the move, then it is great. On the other hand, if your budget doesn’t signal green, then hold on and just postpone the idea of moving to Washington, because here you can not survive on a low budget. Therefore, understand the cost of living in Washington first.

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