What Is The Cost Of Living In South Carolina?

What Is The Cost Of Living In South Carolina?

Why you will love the cost of living in South Carolina. Because choosing to live in South Carolina may be one of the best decisions you will ever make and not just because of the warmth of the climate and the people. But, there are also many reasons like the average monthly expenses for 1 in South Carolina is easy on your budget. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s know about the cost of living in South Carolina

What Is The Cost Of Living In South Carolina?

The cost of living in South Carolina is calculated by taking into consideration the cost of housing, utilities, health, groceries, and transportation. So, the table given below will give you the average cost of living in South Carolina with reference to the US average of 100. A cost of living index above 100 means South Carolina is more expensive than the national average. 

Cost Of Living ForSouth Carolina USA
Health102.3 100
Median Home Cost$170,100 $291,700

Home Rent 

If you are considering a move to South Carolina I have made it easy for you by providing you a house rent in different cities in South Carolina. The table given below will give you the rent of 1 and 2 bedroom houses. From which you can guess the cost of living in different cities in South Carolina including the cost of living in Charleston South Carolina

CityApprox 1 Bedroom RentApprox 2 Bedroom Rent
Columbia $895$1575
Myrtle Beach $1270 $2500 
Sumter $700$900

Food Cost 

The food cost in South Carolina is 0.2% as compared to the national average. How much money do you need to live comfortably in South Carolina? So, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the annual cost of living for a single person averages $2,332 per month. The table given below will give you an idea of the dinner cost for 2 people in South Carolina’s different cities, including the cost of living in Columbia South Carolina

CityApprox Dinner For 2
Columbia $60
Myrtle Beach $50 
Greenville $60

Travel Cost 

The average transportation costs in South Carolina for divers and public transit are between $1280 and $1850 per year not including car insurance. When you look at the cost of living in South Carolina vs Florida, you found South Carolina cheaper than Florida state. 

Other Expenses 

Here are other expenses that will make you familiar with the actual cost of living in South Carolina. 

Health Care

Do you know? South Carolina ranked number 41 out of all states of the USA in overall healthcare access and affordability. While going through the cost of living in South Carolina vs Pennsylvania you get that, the average healthcare cost in South Carolina for one adult and one child is $697 per month. While the average cost of healthcare in Pennsylvania is $479 for one person for one month. 

Utility Bills

Utility bills make up a significant part of the cost of living. Therefore, the cost of living in South Carolina vs Texas tells you that utility bills in South Carolina are higher than in Texas. But, the gas prices in South Carolina usually come off the lowest in the country and it is $100 per month. The monthly bills for electricity, water, and sewer are $145, $32, and $37 respectively. 

Internet Bills 

The cost of the Internet depends on the type of Internet and its speed. So, in South Carolina, you can buy High Speed Internet of 10 to 940 MBPS for $29.99 per month. 


If you are fitness conscious then you can join any fitness club or gym in South Carolina. Here you will find affordable gyms also. Standard membership costs $39 per month for three months including access to independent workouts. 


There will be no happy life without entertainment. In South Carolina, entertainment and other activities typically cost an average cost of $20 per person per day. 


The highest cost of living in South Carolina is because of higher tax rates even though South Carolina is in the top 10 lowest taxed states. 


Is South Carolina A Cheap Place To Live?

As a whole, South Carolina is an affordable place to live. However, as you get closer to the coast, home prices start to increase. Large, oceanside homes can drive up the cost of living and your insurance costs. Fortunately, there are some coastal towns that are affordable.

Is Rent Expensive In South Carolina?

How expensive is it to live in South Carolina? In South Carolina, rent averages $903 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Spartanburg. Monthly food costs run $264.75 per month for an individual or $792 for a family of four.

Is Moving To South Carolina A Good Idea?

South Carolina is a good state to live in or retire to because its climate is mild, and the state is, overall, affordable. A survey by Retirement Living has ranked South Carolina as the #4 best state to retire to. South Carolina has a lower cost of living and some beautiful beaches that are warm practically year-round.

Is It Cheaper To Live In SC Or NC?

According to BestPlaces, North Carolina’s overall cost of living is below the national average but slightly above South Carolina’s cost of living. Residents of NC pay below the national average for groceries, housing, utilities, and transportation, but health care costs are a little bit above the national average.

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Now you know what is the cost of living in South Carolina in detail. And it tells you that the cost of living is not generally as high in South Carolina when you live in small towns like Beaufort. Also, in South Carolina, groceries, entertainment venues, housewares, and restaurants cost less than in many other states in the USA. When you move to South Carolina, your life is about to change in many positive ways. You should draw up a budget to determine what your expenses will be. But don’t forget to take a look over the cost of living in South Carolina once.

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