What Is The Cost Of Living In Louisiana?

So, you are here to know the cost of living in Louisiana. Right? You are at the right place. Louisiana is a state located in the Deep South and South Central region of the United States. It is known for its jazz music, creole and cajun culture, and many other beautiful things. It is also known as the Pelican State because of its state bird. So, let’s move toward the main topic which is the cost of living in Louisiana.  

What Is The Cost Of Living In Louisiana?

The cost of living in Louisiana depends upon various factors such as housing, grocery, transportation, and many more. To make you familiar with the average monthly cost of living in Louisiana, the table is given. In which the living cost in Louisiana is compared with the US average cost of 100. An amount below 100 means Louisiana is cheaper than the US average cost. 

Cost Of Living ForLouisianaUSA
Transportation108.2 100
Median Home Cost$189,200 $291,700

Home Rent 

In Louisiana the house rent is not fixed and it changes according to the areas and cities. The table given below will give you an idea of the rent of 1 and 2 bedroom houses in the different cities of Louisiana, including the cost of living in Shreveport, Louisiana

CityApprox 1 Bedroom RentApprox 2 Bedroom Rent
Shreveport $721$900
Lafayette $1229$1426
Baton Rouge $940$1199
Alexandria 1950$2950 

Food Cost 

In Louisiana the single adult spends an average of $3,119 on food annually, and a family of 4 members spends $9,006 on average. The table given below will tell you the dinner cost of two people in different cities in Louisiana including the cost of living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.    

CityApprox Dinner For 2
Shreveport $40
Lafayette $60
Baton Rouge $52
Alexandria $47

Travel Cost 

Travelling makes your life better and faster. So, in Louisiana the travel cost ranges from types of transportation. Louisiana has an interconnected multinational transportation system that uses roadways, waterways, rail, and air for transport purposes. The average price of a 7-day trip to Louisiana is $1,065 for a solo person.     

Other Expenses 

The other expenses will give you a clear idea of the cost of assisted living in Louisiana. Let’s take a look at the other expenses in detail.  

Health Care 

When you take a look at the cost of living in Louisiana Vs Texas then you will find that Louisiana’s health expenditure budget in 2018 totaled $12.2 billion. In Louisiana, the per capita health care spending ranges from less than $1100 to more than $3,600.   

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Utility Bills 

The utility bills cost in Louisiana is 89.9 as compared with the US average cost of living. Electricity, gas, internet all are included under utility. So, the monthly bill of electricity is $115, and the monthly Internet bill is about $20 per month. Utility cost affects the living cost. Therefore, when you see the cost of living in Louisiana vs California you will find that utility cost in Louisiana is greater than California.    

Internet Bills 

The internet bills can affect the cost of living. The cost of living in Alexandria Louisiana is high as compared to Louisiana cost of living. In Louisiana, if you want to buy a High Speed internet with a speed of 1 to 1000 MBPS then you need to pay $49.99 per month. 


 For fitness you can buy a year or monthly pass of any gym or fitness club. To save extra money you can also do exercise on your own. In Louisiana an individual of 16 years of age or olders will get a pass in $49 for a month. 


 The cost of living in Lafayette Louisiana is the same as the cost of living in Louisiana. In Louisiana, you will experience great entertainment by visiting the national world war II museum, millennium park, Louisiana state capitol, Baton Rouge, and many more. For entertainment will cost you an average of $44 per person per day. 


 The cost of living in Mississippi Louisiana is very low. Also, the education cost is very low. In Louisiana state sales tax rate is currently 4.45%.


Is It Expensive To Live In Louisiana?

Living in Louisiana is less expensive than it is on average across the U.S. as a whole. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, goods and services in the state cost 10.9% less than they do on average nationwide. Compared with all other states, Louisiana has the 10th lowest overall cost of living.

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Is Rent Expensive In Louisiana?

On average, the cost of rent in Louisiana is about $1,113 per month. This puts it in the 40th percentile compared to the nation average cost of rent, which is $1,385. Households in Louisiana have a median income of $4,683 per month so the average renter in Louisiana is spending roughly 24% of their earnings on housing.

Is Moving To Louisiana A Good Place To Live?

Louisiana is a great place to live because of its vibrant culture, low cost of living, and comfortable weather all year long. With winter temperatures hovering in the 70s and 80s you can keep your shorts on and not worry about shoveling snow in the morning.

What’s The Difference Between Texas And Louisiana?

Texas is bigger geographically and has a population six times larger than Louisiana’s. Its state and local spending is five times greater. Most importantly, its economy, at $1.6 trillion, is the second-largest in the nation and nearly seven time the size of Louisiana’s.

Why Are People Moving Away From Louisiana?

Experts suggest that the root cause for the mass exodus from Louisiana is economics. Some are just looking for greener pastures when it comes to job opportunities and higher salaries.

Why Is Louisiana The Most Stressed State?

People in Louisiana are the most stressed, according to the report. The reason? People there reported working long hours for the lowest income. “So that obviously is stressful and that leads to a lot of problems at home that are money-related.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live In Louisiana?

A new study says that Baker, a city in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish, is the most affordable place to live in Louisiana. The eight annual study from SmartAsset looks at several factors, including taxes, homeowners’ insurance,and home costs relative to the local median income.

 What Is The Top 1 Of Income Louisiana?

In Louisiana, to be among the state’s top 1 percent in income, a household needs to pull in at least $335,000 a year, Business Insider reported this week. By comparison, Louisiana’s median household income – the figure at which half of households earn more and half less — is $42,944 a year.

What Does Louisiana Have That Other States Don’t?

There are a lot of things Louisiana is known for: its delicious food, the party atmosphere, its French influence, and oddly enough, its legal system. While every other state uses Common Law, derived from English law, Louisiana uses French Civil Law, which is derived from the Napoleonic Code.

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This article has given you information regarding the living cost in Louisiana. A research found that, a family of two adults with one child required total annual income before taxes is $66,544, and after taxes it would be $53,269, is sufficient to live in Louisiana. So, check your annual income before moving to Louisiana.Now, you can easily make a decision about going to Louisiana while knowing the cost of living in Louisiana.

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