What Is The Cost Of Living In Ireland? 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Ireland? 

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Without having an idea about the cost of living in Ireland, it is not recommended to move there. Because Ireland is not a cheap country. Ireland is a European country located in the Northwestern region of the European continent. Ireland is famous for its scenic coastlines, twins, and villages along the shoreline. The government here is conscious about the environment and human rights, they always hold higher positions in the different indexes related to the environment, hunger, human rights, etc. Let’s take a look at the cost of living in Ireland.    

What Is The Cost Of Living In Ireland?  

The cost of living in Ireland is about $2,500 per month. If you are savvy, your budget may even be lower. And keep this in mind, the cost of living in the country is a forever-moving target, especially if the currency in which you derive your income differs from the euro. Euro, is the currency of Ireland. The table depicts the difference between the average cost of living in Ireland and the average cost of living in the USA. 

Cost Of Living For IrelandUSA 
Housing $902.55$428,700
Grocery $124.33$165
Transportation $143.25$10,961
Utilities $29.73$117.46
Health $43.53$456
Miscellaneous $79.64$75
Median Home Cost $318547.50$291,700 

Home Rent 

In this category, the average price throughout the whole year is just over 1,550 USD. The cost of living in Ireland with rent is 6.38% lower than in the United States. Here is a table showing the approx price of rent for one and two-bedroom apartments in the different cities in Ireland, including the cost of living in Cork, Ireland

City Approx 1 Bedroom Rent Approx 2 Bedroom Rent 

Food Cost 

The cost of food is an essential aspect that needs to be considered while calculating the cost of living in Ireland per month. It also affects the cost of living in Ireland for international students. In Ireland, a single person spends an average of 135.72 each week to get enough food, while 3 adults spend between $54.15 and 106.18 each week. Tabulated below are general dinner costs for two in the different cities in Ireland, including the cost of living in Dublin Ireland. Dublin is the capital of Ireland.   

City Approx Dinner Cost For 2 

Travel Cost 

The cost of living in Ireland in USD also depends upon the cost of transportation. In Ireland, the monthly expense to travel is around $143.43, using any of the public transportation including Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, DART, LUAS, and Bus Eireann. One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of living in Ireland in US Dollars is to get a monthly pass and for international students a Student Travelcard.  

Other Expenses 

Let’s know the cost of healthcare, utility, internet, fitness, taxes, and entertainment in Ireland in USD.  

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Health Care 

The cost of healthcare can also affect your cost of living in Ireland in dollars because it is not a fixed expense but yes it exists within time and needs. Residents who are not citizens of another EU country will be restricted mutual access to public health care. So, the cost of a basic annual policy starts at $418.35 per month. 

Utility Bills 

Utility bills matter when calculating the cost of living in Ireland for a family of 4. So, in Ireland, the price of electricity is 0.301$ per kWh for a house and 0.000$ for a business which includes all components of the electricity such as the cost of power, distribution, and taxes.  

Internet Bills 

In the country, the price of internet 8 MBPS per month in Dublin, Ireland is $44. But, this cost is not fixed for all the regions in the country but it differs with the operator, Speed,  and data. The cost of the internet is important in the cost of living in Ireland for students.  


While talking about the cost of fitness, the price of 1 month of gym membership in a business district in Dublin, Ireland is EUR41. If you want to reduce Ireland cost of living per month, then you can do your daily exercise by yourself at your home.  


Different activities and entertainment in Ireland typically cost an average of  EUR 15 per person per day. On the other hand, there are also so many free-of-cost places to visit, so you can consider them to reduce the cost of living in Ireland in Euro.  


In Ireland, taxable pay is the amount you earn after pension and permanent health insurance contributions are deducted. Currently, the tax rate in the country is 20%, up to the amount of your standard rate band for that pay period.  

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Many people have dreamed of settling down in European countries especially Ireland for the quality of life and economic opportunities as. Ireland is one of the countries where more and more international students are opting for higher education here to enjoy post-study benefits and kick-start their global careers. If you also have a dream to shift to Ireland for higher education then you can go, because now you know the cost of living in Ireland