What Is The Cost Of Living In Denmark? 

Why should you know about the cost of living in Denmark? Because in the future if you want to move to Denmark then it will make it easy to build a budget for comfortable living in Denmark. Denmark is also known as the Kingdom of Denmark, it is a small country with a population of 5.5 million. It is one of three Scandinavian countries. Without wasting your valuable time on discussion let’s move toward the cost of living in Denmark

What Is The Cost Of Living In Denmark? 

The cost of living in Denmark is high and it is an expensive expat destination, even by European standards. Fortunately, salaries are high, so people can manage the high inflation rate in Denmark. The table given below will give you the average cost of living in Denmark in the form of the cost of living in Denmark vs US.

Cost Of Living ForDenmark USA
Median Home Cost$264,460$291,700

Home Rent  

The cost of living in Denmark for family goes high because of the high rate of house rent. Aso, in Denmark, the cost of utilities is not included in the rental price so it is significant to budget for these additional expenses. The table given below shows you the approximate rent of one and two-bedroom houses average rent in Denmark in U.S. dollars in the different cities in Denmark.  

CityApprox 1 Bedroom RentApprox 2 Bedroom Rent
Copenhagen $598.81$727.91
Aarhus $1592.15 $3718.85 
Alborg $584.20$931.48 
Odense $750$1000
Esbjerg $609.74$778.55

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Food Cost 

When you see the cost of living in Denmark compared to UK, then you find Denmark more expensive because of the high cost of food. But with careful budgeting, it is possible to minimize costs. Buying locally produced seasonal goods and avoiding imports as much as possible can bring down expenses. Take a look at the approximate dinner cost for 2 people in the different cities in Denmark. 

CityApprox Dinner For 2
Copenhagen $29.57 
Aarhus $14.22
Alborg $18.48
Odense $85.30 
Esbjerg $74.64 

Travel Cost 

The cost of traveling in Denmark can be affordable if commuters use trains and buses, but can also be very expensive if they make use of taxis on a regular basis. Petrol is also known to be expensive as well as the cost of buying a car. On the other hand, cycling and walking are popular and cost-effective for traveling.  

Other Expenses

There are lots of expenses other than travel and house rent expenses. Here are the other expenses.  

Health Care 

In Denmark, health insurance costs around 20 USD per month for a single person. However, the price may increase as you age and some insurers cease to offer for 65-year-olds or older.  

Utility Bills 

Utility includes electricity, gas, water, internet, and many more. In Denmark, the monthly cost of electricity is $71.01, water is $, gas is $71.01, and the internet is $34.08. The cost of living in Denmark for international students is affordable due to the low cost of the utility as compared to other countries. 

Internet Bills 

In Denmark, as you make your way through town, you will be able to use free cafe WiFi in many restaurants. National chains probably offer more free WiFi than local restaurants. However, you can find some of them. The cost of Kviknet of 300/50 Mbps is DKK199. 


When it comes to fitness, then you have two options, first is you can do your daily exercise by yourself at your home and the second option is you can join any gym or fitness club. In Denmark, there are so many fitness clubs and gyms with different fees. The monthly fee average in Denmark is 233 Krone. 


Entertainment and activities in Denmark typically cost an average of KRR242 per person per day. This includes tickets paid for tickets to museums and attractions, day trips, and other sightseeing costs.   


When you use the service provided by the government then you need to pay some part of your income to the government for the development of the country. In Denmark, the bottom tax is 12.10% and the top tax is 15%. 

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Is It Expensive To Live In Denmark?

Denmark is an expensive expat destination and the cost of living is high, even by European standards. Eating out, utilities and petrol are especially pricey. Luckily, salaries are relatively high and go some way to balance out the high cost of goods and services in Denmark.

What Is The Average Wage In Denmark?

The average employee in Denmark earns DKK 44,513 per month before taxes. The amount includes pension and is calculated by the so-called standardised hourly earnings translated to a full-time monthly salary. In 2020, Danes had an average net worth of DKK 1,186,723 after subtracting liabilities from assets.

What Is The Average Monthly Rent In Denmark?

As of 2021, the average rent in Denmark was approximately 857 Danish kroner per square meter. This was an increase from the previous year, when the average rental cost was 857 Danish kroner. Compared with other countries in the Europe, Denmark has one of the lowest home ownership rates.

Is Denmark Healthcare Free?

Denmark provides “free” health care to all residents, funded through taxes. There is an optional private health care sector, but it is tiny compared with the vastly larger public system that is used by most of the population.

Do Foreigners Pay Taxes In Denmark?

Expatriates assigned to Denmark can opt for a 32.84 percent (27 percent flat rate plus labor market contribution) gross tax on their cash remuneration, taxable value of company car, company paid telephone and company paid health care insurance. All other income, including other benefits are taxed at ordinary tax rates.

Is It Difficult To Immigrate To Denmark?

It can be difficult to get a permanent residency visa in Denmark if you’re from outside the EU. To enter Denmark, you’ll need a valid passport and as a US national, you can stay in Denmark for 90 days without a visa.

How Much Is A House In Denmark In US Dollars?

Denmark Housing Market Trends

In December 2022, Denmark home prices were up 189.4% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $460K. Sale $/Sq. Ft.

Can I Move To Denmark As An American?

You will need to get a visa to stay in Denmark beyond the visa-free tourist period – currently 90 days, unless you are an EU citizen. As a U.S. citizen, you will probably need to have a student visa or work visa.

What Is Denmark Most Known For?

Like the rest of Scandinavia, Denmark is known for its high-quality design and architecture. Just think Bang & Olufsen, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair, Royal Copenhagen porcelain and the Royal Opera House in Sydney – all the work of Danish designers and companies.

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While going through this article you know what is the cost of living in Denmark in detail. And you know that life in Denmark is not cheap. However, like most places, the cost varies from person to person and from place to place. In Denmark, Copenhagen is the only Danish city that features in the top 100 of Mercer’s cost of living index in 2020, at the 25th most expensive place on the planet to call home. So, this is all about the cost of living in Denmark.

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